10 Reasons Girls Who Swallow are the Best Girlfriends of All Time

If you’ve never been with girls who swallow, you don’t know what you’re missing in a relationship. Here’s why they make the best girlfriends.

Obviously, if you’re a guy, you probably want to end up dating girls who swallow. You dream about how great that would be on a sexual level, but have you ever thought about what those same girls can do for you in a relationship? If you’re like most men, probably not.

But the truth is, the same qualities in a girl that make her okay with swallowing also make her the best girlfriend. There’s more to girls who swallow than just their desire to take all of you. In fact, there are more important things.

Why girls who swallow often get a bad rep

We just can’t deny this. If someone finds out that a girl swallows, they immediately form an opinion about them. And those opinions are, more often than not, bad. Girls who swallow often get labeled as a slut or as a dirty person.

The truth? None of that is true. Many people think this way just because swallowing can be very intimate and is typically seen as a very naughty, sexual thing. It’s also something that is usually kept very private. So if there are people talking about girls who swallow, that privacy has been exploited.

Girls who swallow make the best girlfriends

You can argue all you want, but this is true. There are tons of reasons girls who swallow make some of the best girlfriends out there. However, as always, everyone is different and you get what you give. Meaning, if you’re a shitty boyfriend, you won’t get an awesome girlfriend who swallows.

But if you’re lucky enough to land a girl who swallows, get ready for the best relationship of your life. This is why girls who swallow make the best girlfriends out there.

#1 They’re selfless. This is just a fact. Because firstly, she doesn’t need to swallow. There is no rule that says she has to. It is completely selfless of her to swallow because it probably isn’t doing too much to please her. Unless she’s super turned on by swallowing, it’s only for you.

Selfless people make the best partners for obvious reasons. They’ll make you happy even if it means doing stuff they’re not into. That’s a HUGE component of a healthy, happy relationship.

#2 They care about your pleasure and happiness. You like girls who swallow, right? And if she’s doing just that, then she genuinely cares about what makes you happy. She’s willing to put her own wants aside in order to put a smile on your face.

This is another major factor in a healthy relationship. If you have a partner who’s selfish and doesn’t care about making you happy, then you’ll never be happy with them. Girls who swallow do care and therefore, you’ll be much happier with one.

#3 They’re more open for new experiences. Generally speaking, girls who are into swallowing are also very open-minded people. They don’t give into labels and the negative stigma attached to swallowing. girls who swallow

Therefore, they’re usually very open people who are up for new adventures and experiences. Having a girlfriend like this will not only be exciting, you’ll also have many more opportunities for fun and growth together.

#4 They’re less judgmental. Because girls who swallow don’t pay attention to labels and negativity, they’re far less judgmental. These girls are way more open to the things you like and dislike. They won’t judge you for liking something different in bed – so long as it’s not harmful to yourself or them.

When you have a nonjudgmental girlfriend, you feel more accepted. Feeling more accepted can help you open up to someone on a much deeper level.

#5 They want to increase intimacy. Intimacy is super important in a relationship. And no, I’m not talking about getting naked together. I’m talking about emotional intimacy. That thing you need to build a stronger bond and feel closer is only possible if both people want to do that. And in order to have a healthy relationship, you need strong emotional intimacy.

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#6 She’s not afraid to show her affection. I know so many girls who try to play it cool and then never end up making their significant others feel cared about. Girls who swallow don’t have that issues. They’re all for affection and showing you just how much they care.

And one way they do that is through swallowing. Let’s be real, girls aren’t just going to swallow for anyone. Usually, girls who swallow only do so when they have very strong feelings for their partner.

#7 She likes making you feel special. And obviously, that behavior won’t stop after you pull out of her mouth. If she’s down for swallowing, chances are she’s a huge fan of making you feel really special and cared for.

She’ll show this in more ways than just swallowing. And truthfully, one of the biggest issues in relationships is the fact that someone isn’t feeling appreciated and cared for. So if that issue is eliminated by dating girls who swallow, you’ll have a much happier relationship.

#8 She’s bold and unapologetic. Were you surprised the first time she swallowed? Most guys aren’t expecting something like that to happen and yet, there are girls who go right ahead and do it. This shows their bold and unapologetic side.

Sure, some people may judge her based on the fact that she swallows. But guess what? She doesn’t care. She’ll do it anyway because that’s how she rolls. That’s who she is. This is something that’s attractive in every facet of life – not just in the bedroom.

#9 She’s genuinely turned on and attracted to you. How great would it be to know how much your girl gets turned on by you? Because honestly, if a girl isn’t turned on by you, she won’t swallow. That’s just how it is.

Swallowing isn’t something girls do because they like it. They usually do it because they know you like and because they’re ridiculously turned on you by. So you can sleep easy knowing she thinks you’re hella fine.

#10 She’s laid back and doesn’t give a shit about other’s opinions of her. This is really probably the best thing about girls who swallow. They know the bad rep swallowing can get them. But guess what? They don’t care!

And if you know you have a girl who doesn’t care about those types of things, you know she’s super laid back. She won’t make a fuss over trivial drama and she’ll be more real with you.

If you want to find a girlfriend who will make you extremely happy and treat you well, dating girls who swallow is a great place to start.


10 Reasons Girls Who Swallow are the Best Girlfriends of All Time


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