8 Times Patience Ozokwor Shocked The World With Her

Patience Ozokwor is easily one of the most iconic actresses in Nollywood. Although directors typecast her for most of her career, she delivered such flawless performances that she became the ultimate villain in Nollywood.

As such, Patience Ozokwor often reminds us of our troublesome Nigerian aunty or terrifying mother-in-law. Given the one-dimensional characters we had in old Nollywood, it would have been nice to see the extent of her acting range in diverse roles. However, it’s pretty irritating how new Nollywood producers still cast her in villainous roles.

At any rate, we stan her for being so excitingly mischevious. At the peak of her career, she generally portrayed a petty woman who could steal her daughter’s man after killing everyone else in the family if someone made her upset. Patience is even more iconic for having the quickest clapbacks and shady insults.

Here are 8 times she was terrifying in her roles.

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1. That time she offered these strange ‘prayers’ for her daughter-in-law in Mother’s Heart


2. When she force-fed her daughter-in-law in Upside Down

3. That time she gave us this terrifying yet interesting financial advice in Money Love 
7 Iconic Patience Ozokwor Roles That Terrified All of Us ZUMI

(Photo: Tumblr via Nollywood Gifs)

4. When she scalped this woman’s edges for not being good enough to date her son in Women of Substance

5. When she urged her daughter to commit adultery in Private Sin
6. This one where she and Chiwetalu Agu were in a ‘juju’ battle in Ego Oyinbo

 7. This one where she snatched her daughter’s man in Submission

8. We can’t forget this time she dragged an oversabi man for putting his mouth in her marriage

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