A call for Volunteers! Join GMSNews Social Media Team

A call for Volunteers

A call for Volunteers: Join the largest group of college students dedicated to the mission of improving commercial and socio-cultural news and interaction for the people of South-Eastern Nigeria and Igbo Gburugburu. About Grandmarketsquare.com
Apply to volunteer!

Job Description:
We are in need of a Social Media Volunteer to promote, develop and maintain our online presence in order to maximize our impact and to promote ourselves as widely as possible to the local community.

Key Tasks:
Help create and maintain a social media plan.
Use social media to promote the activities and achievements of Grandmarketsquare.com
Keeping our social media channels updated on a frequent basis.
Ensure that communication reaches a wide audience.
Develop and manage content for our website and social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.
Track the effectiveness of our social media work and recommend ways forward.
Test content and review its impact.
Keeping up to date with Grandmarketsquare events and news, and choosing what to promote through our social media feeds.
Develop publicity materials and communication techniques to target communities who are under-represented or positioned.
Visiting our projects and attend our events with a view to writing articles about them on our blog.
Relevant Skills, Competencies, and Experience

An understanding of different types of marketing and communications media, including electronic and social media.
To be able to communicate effectively, be articulate, with strong writing skills and the ability to feedback accurately

Good understanding of confidentiality
The ability to work equally well in a team and unsupervised
An interest in, knowledge of or willingness to learn about media, project management, and marketing.

What Support Will You Be Given?
A full induction
Full training on all aspects of the role
Regular updates
Regular volunteer meetings
Opportunities to become involved in other activities.

What are the Benefits of being a Social Media Volunteer?
Development of communication skills
PR and marketing experience
Social media development skills
Data handling skills
Use your skills and experience to contribute to the success of Igbo Nation across Nigeria
Knowledge and understanding of how projects management and media services are planned, delivered and commissioned
References to add to your CV
Be part of a team and meet new people
Increase your confidence and gain new skills including on-going development and training.
Given Stipend for up-keeping
opportunity to travel around south-East with Other Team Members

A call for Volunteers. Apply Here!


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