About Us


Grand Market Square (www.grandmarketsquare.com) is an online publishing platform that mirrors the typical Big Market (Ahia-Ukwu/Afia-Ukwu) in Igboland in Cyberspace. It is a commercial, social and cultural cybervillage square for Ndi-Igbo at home and abroad (in other parts of Nigeria and overseas), otherwise known as Global Igbo (Igbo Gburugburu).

Globalization has both widened and shrunk the canvass and space on which we paint our life’s histories and perform our daily activities. Internet and social media penetration in Nigeria—and resulting commercial and social engagements—are set to explode in 5-10 years, especially among the 15-45 year-olds. Unfortunately, the Igbo experience is often poorly represented in the emerging cyberculture. Very often, the little that are out there on Ndi-Igbo focus on sensational negative news. This is counter-intuitive, especially given that Ndi-Igbo are almost synonymous with globalization, having dispersed across the globe more than any other nation in Africa. Yet, there’s hardly any interactive platforms where Igbo Gburugburu can engage one another instantaneously or in real-time at the social, cultural and commercial level.

Grand Market Square now fills this void by publishing immediately and directly usable, transformational and transactional news very precious to Ndi-Igbo. We provide listing/directory for businesses of all types; publish “clean” gossip, lifestyle, celebrity news and entertainment; social and cultural events; social dairies and announcements; as well as opinion and features articles that foster and/or challenge new/rethinking of economic development, job creation and entrepreneurship thought and practices relevant to Ndi-Igbo. In this sense, Grand Market Square is not a regular online newspaper. We do more!

The site publishes user-generated material by stringers from anywhere in the world on any Igbo-related topic, with a view to fostering the development of a new breed of “citizen journalists and writers” that would otherwise not have such opportunity necessary for cultural voice in the global news landscape and blogosphere.

We are counting on your support as we build the Grand Market Square into the must-go-to website for commercial and sociocultural news and interaction for Igbo peoples all over the world.

Grand Market Square: Our Village in Cyberspace