The Grand Market Square for Contemporary African Textile Arts, No. 2

African Contemporary Textile Artist

Once again, welcome to the JudAfrique® “shed” on the Grand Market Square, Our Village in Cyberspace! I trust everyone had a restful end-of-year break, and that 2018 has gotten off well for you all.

In this second installment of my excitement about African Contemporary Textile Art, especially digital textile art, I’d like to invite you to share my joy in being able to create paintings on paper which I then transfer to the computer where each painting is edited and refined.

Judith Ukah African Contemporary Textile Art

Print No.1 JudAfrique®

“Art is beauty,” as my teacher, Professor Ola Oloidi always reminds us. In this vein, my art is an expression of who I am. I consider my ability to create beautiful art as a gift from my creator; it’s a gift that enables me to showcase my own style and personality.

A distinguishing characteristic of my personal style is my ability to incorporate themes of the African continent, especially Nigeria and Igbo perspectives. Whereas this may not be immediately obvious, the paintings below actually speak the language of Africa. I hope you can detect my undying love for my culture as you pay close attention to each of the paintings. Your appreciation of these artistic creations makes you part of this journey and wondrous exploration of transformations in Africa’s cultural heritage.

It’s also true that art has to be “consumed” to encourage and reward the artist for her creativity. Grand Market Square is therefore a good platform to make these paintings available to you under the imprint of JudAfrique®, and have them delivered to you in any part of the world.


Judith Ukah African Contemporary Textile Art

Print No.2 JudAfrique®

Print No.3 JudAfrique®


Judith Ukah African Contemporary Textile Art

Print No.4 JudAfrique®











Print No. 5 JudAfrique®

















Print No. 6 JudAfrique®

How Do You Get Your Copy?

I, therefore, invite you to join us to make the most of the Grand Market Square platform by subscribing/placing orders for your favorite designs and products.
1. Review the pictures of the paintings above.
2. Indicate the number and your personal preference regarding how you want the size and frame to appear. And, voila, it’ll be all yours in short while!

In future installments, I hope to equally excite you with my creative explorations in textile, fashion, painting and drawing, graphics, ceramics and sculpture.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from you about this piece and the paintings above. Of course, don’t hesitate to let me know just about anything on your mind about African contemporary textile art.

Judith Adaugo Ukah is a student of Fine and Applied Arts Department, The University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Her aspiration is to be best African Contemporary Textile Artist, with specialities in digital textile art.

Contact details:
Telephone: +234 (0) 810-346-6084; e-mail:



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