All You need to know: This is how to be more likable and still be you

We all want to be liked by our friends and colleagues, but you don’t want to come off as fake. This is how to be more likable and still be you.

Learning how to be more likable is something we all struggle with. We want to be true to ourselves, but also want to make sure others enjoy being around us.

Finding that balance is not always easy. We can come off as fake if we try too hard, and if we don’t try at all it seems like we don’t care. But it is possible to learn how to be more likable and still be yourself.

Why do you want to be more likable?

First things first, why do you want to be more likable? Do you struggle to make friends or worry you are coming off a certain way? Or maybe you’re new to an area and simply want to make friends.

If you have heard from people that you come off too nosy or indifferent, that is something you can work on. But if your concern for being likable is solely within yourself, there are others ways to become more likable. [Read: How to make people like you with these charming tips]

What does being likable mean?

I know, it seems pretty self-explanatory. Being likable means you are liked. But is it really that simple?

Being likable shouldn’t mean being popular. It shouldn’t mean having a ton of friends or that everyone likes you. In fact, being more likable comes with the understanding that it is impossible to get everyone to like you. Once you accept that fact, being more likable become a lot easier.

When trying to become more likable, you want to remember that it isn’t about how many people like you, but which people like you. Maybe you want to be liked by your partner’s parents or your boss. You want to be liked by people you like, not by just anyone or by people you want approval from.

Respect and likability are two different things. So remember which one you are going for with certain people. [Read: How to be a good person – 12 small changes to transform your life]


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