Be Guided: Don’t allow yourself to be the Face of a crime you know nothing about. A Story Shared by a Banker

Last week Wednesday, a lady entered one chance car and was dispossessed of all that was with her. They drove her to an unknown location, collected her ATM card and demanded the pin which she gave them for fear of her life. They didn’t release her yet. They held her while one of them drove to the town to withdraw through ATM machine. They threatened her that if the pin she gave is wrong, that will be the end of her life.

The one that went to withdraw the money met a very long queue. He cunningly went to an innocent man on the queue and begged him to help him withdraw. He gave the innocent man the stolen ATM CARD and the pin and stood off where he is sure the bank camera doesn’t cover. The innocent ignorant man thought he was helping someone but never knew he was exposing himself to crime. He withdrew his own and then withdrew for the one chance man too and gave him the money.

Immediately the one chance man came back to his group, they now freed the lady and disappeared into thin air.

The next day, the lady went to her bank to report the incident and to block her ATM card. Her Bank sent email to the bank where I work because our Bank ATM machine was used to make the withdrawal, requesting that we should send them the cctv footage of the person that made the withdrawal. My bank sent the footage to them and the account details of the innocent man that made the withdrawals because the innocent man has an account with us. That was how an innocent man was trailed, traced and arrested while no picture of the kidnapper was captured anywhere. Now I’m wondering how on earth he will convince SARS operatives that he only helped a stranger to make a withdrawal. Remember, the place on the queue where the one chance man gave him the card has no CCTV coverage because the kidnapper made sure he wasn’t covered by the camera.

Please friends, when you are in the ATM queue and a stranger approaches you with his card to help him make withdrawal, please don’t ever try it. You don’t know whether it is a stolen card and the person is trying to avoid the CCTV cameras. Some of them use pregnant women so that you will pity them or aged men so that you will pity them or fake Corp members who will come with the excuse that he is rushing for CDS or whatever. Don’t ever withdraw money for anyone. Let everyone make his or her own withdrawal. Don’t allow yourself to be the Face of a crime you know nothing about. Click Here!


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