Blessing Blackson, Wife Of Man Who Died Saving 6 In Boat Mishap Cries Out

Blessing Blackson and her Kids

Wife Of Hero Who Died Saving 6 In Boat Mishap Cries: ‘rivers Gov’t Hasn’t Kept Promises

Mrs. Blessing Blackson is the wife of late Joe Blackson, who saved 13 passengers, but lost his life during a boat accident that claimed the lives of six persons, in July last year. One year after his death, the family of the unsung hero still misses their bread winner dearly.

Daily Trust: How has it been since the death of your husband?

Mrs. Blessing Blackson: Life has not been the same since I lost my husband. It has not been easy, especially because he was the father of the family and our breadwinner. His death has created a big vacuum in the family. All the same, we thank God for keeping us alive and for sustaining us.

DT: A few days after his death, the Rivers State governor promised automatic employment for you and also to take care of the children’s education. Have these promises been fulfilled?

Blackson: No. Nothing has been done. The promises haves not been fulfilled. DT: Why? Blackson: I don’t know. But I know that the governor is a good man and noted for keeping his promises. He is a very busy man and may have forgotten but I know that God will touch his heart to fulfill the promises made to this family.

DT: Have you made inquiries on why the promise is yet to be fulfilled?

Blackson: I have tried on my own to reach out to the government on this matter but nothing has happened yet. I have written letters which were addressed to the Chairman of Degema Local Government Council. I was also advised to meet the Head of Service. I tried severally but nothing has come my way. However, I was able to meet the Deputy Governor who advised me to write another letter to the governor on the promise. I have written the letter and the Deputy Governor promised to follow it up.

DT: I learnt that you set up a foundation in honour of your late husband

Blackson: Yes, I set up a foundation, as well as a swimming academy, which was launched on the 29th of last month to commemorate the one year anniversary of my husband’s death. The foundation is to teach both children and adults the rudiments of swimming in order to prevent what happened to my husband happening to others. I have started a process for the project but I need fund to implement it. I am working towards building an Olympic size swimming pool for the academy. I want to appeal to the state to come to our aid by fulfilling all the promises made to the family. My daughter will start school in September and I need fund to enroll her in school and also sustain my family.

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