BoomTechnovation Hub Owerri Client super story

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Below is a Story testimony shared by Dir. David Obi
I was standing right in front of my little kid, staring at the fire extinguisher on the wall. I was totally lost to thinking, too fade up to believe that I cannot make it. All I was thinking was how to abandon my new business and travel to the United Kingdom to hustle.
I told myself that I have made the worst decision of my life by investing my entire savings in Poultry farming business. At this point, I was crying already. After investing money, time, and energy raising over 3,00 birds with the aim of a profitable harvest. and paying staff for 6 months, I see no light at the end of the tunnel. All my financial projections/predictions turned out negative. I was already running on debt my after losing over 2000 birds within a period of 2months. No customers and poor technical know-how became my biggest challenge, every move was on debt.
Dad stop shading tears my little Angel screamed! Why will you be sounding like a loser? She asked me. You asked Junior never to lose hope in reading his book. You encouraged me to come first In-class from my usual 10th position I became the most brilliant kid in class. So why are you not believing in yourself?
At this point, I already had different questions to answer but there is no answer to give.
I gained back energy and I understood that the business is a competition Just as the classroom environment. You have to Strategize and prepare yourself against failure in other to stay top.
This story marks the beginning of my Journey with BoomTecnovationHub and today I am still in business doing well.


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