Breaking: Anthony Bourdain, Globe-Trotting Chef, Cultural Explorer Dies at 61

For all his gastronomic globe-trotting, Anthony Bourdain remained, in his words, “a man of simple needs.”

When he would return to Los Angeles from his far-flung adventures, he’d hit up his favorite haunts: Olvera Street for taquitos drenched in avocado sauce, Myung In Dumplings in Koreatown for pillowy mandu, In-N-Out for greasy cheeseburgers.

“There it is: my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles,” Bourdain once said of the fast-food chain. “A city with many fine restaurants, by the way. Just — I’m a cheap, nasty, low-down, trailer-park burger slut.”

The outspoken chef, author and television host brought to the table a relatability and innate curiosity about the world, a quality he called “my only virtue.” His legions of fans benefited — through his writing and his many television and online shows, Bourdain transcended mere food celebrity to become an adept storyteller who weaved together tales on cuisine, culture and the connections between them.

Bourdain died Friday in an apparent suicide. He was 61.


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