‘Buhari Is a Joke’ –Sen. Ben Bruce Mocks Buhari for Promising to Fight Corruption in Ghana

Ben Murray Bruce, Senator representing Bayelsa East, has reacted to President Muhammad Buhari’s speech in Ghana.

Speaking during the 61st independence celebration of Ghana on Tuesday, Buhari had promised to help to the West African country fight corruption.

Reacting to Buhari’s declaration, Bruce said the president should first show example of fighting corruption in Nigeria and not opposition.

 President Muhammadu Buhari

The business mogul stressed that Buhari has made Nigeria a laughing stock among nations.

In a tweet, Bruce wrote: “Rather than promise to help Ghana fight corruption, show by example that you are fighting corruption, and not opposition in Nigeria.

“If corruption is increasing in your nation, you make yourself a laughing stock if you promise to fight it in another nation. Charity begins at home.”


  1. Foolish man making a false declaration, I know some Ghanians must have been laughing him to scorn. wha is this fool is talking about? wonders shall never end in africa. corruption to fight corruption in anither country. Magu are you listening? your master is speaking, sai baba sai bokobuhari. murderers.

  2. Buhari is a disgrace to Nigeria, how can a president of a country rated with high level of corruption promised to fight against corruption for another country rated low in corruption than his county…this man is confused! Oh what a disgrace! Infact education is good.


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