Can You Imagine What My WIFE Did To Me. What An Expensive Joke!

Shockingly, this happens to be my First Topic as I have never had this kind of close surprise/shock in a Long while.

Can you imagine! I woke up early hours of JULY 9th to use the lavatory, only for me to develop goose pimples and palpitations. A ROCK python Right inside the WC…

The annoying thing was that I still had a blurred vision since it was 6am, so it was difficult for me to delineate it. I was already prepared for RACE when my Wife started laughing.

I was like what..?. But she kept laughing.
The only word she uttered was ” A Bigger Rock Python awaits me on my Birthday.

Could you believe, She put this Snake in our Water Cistern when she knew I will be using the lavatory in the Morning..

I may not near my apartment on my Birthday, because my Wife can be so dramatic. Highly unpredictable.

Ohhh! God, what a Woman..!
Now, I understand the reason my mother in Law charged me to have all the emergency alert numbers handy.

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