Crowned Kings And Queens Of SouthEast Nigeria

King And Queen Of SouthEast

The atmosphere in Awka was indeed colorful as king and queen of South East Nigeria pageant staged its 3rd edition over the weekend at the famous Crescent Spring Hotel.

The cultural pageant event which has been held in Enugu and Owerri was moved down to Awka to circulate the fun across all eastern states in Nigeria. Expectedly, the contestants displayed outstanding performances from cultural outings, talent exhibition and a whole lots more. However, the contestants which looked brightest are Victory Emeje and Charity ifeoma onu as they were crowned king and queen of South East Nigeria 2019.

Other winners at the night include:

Emmanuella Okafor_____Queen of southeast education
Helen Eme ______ Queen of South East Culture
Ijeoma Bridget _____ Queen of South East Amity.
Edwin Anselm _____ King of South East Education
Chukwuebuka Christian ______ King of southeast tourism
Eze Chisom ______ Queen of southeast tourism

Some section of men and women were also recognized for their outstanding contributions to the growth of most societies in Eastern Nigeria.

The new winners will embark on various humanitarian services to affect the society positively

Kings And Queens Of SouthEast
Kings And Queens Of SouthEast
Kings And Queens Of SouthEast


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