EZFarming: Adewale Oparinde Wins Grant With His Agrictech Company

– Adewale Oparinde has won an international grant with his EZFarming, an agriculture-centered tech startup

– EZFarming aims to expand smallholders farm into commercial sizes by providing more access to funds and enabling marketplace

– The founder of the startup said he is grateful for the opportunity, adding that it would help the company’s purpose 

The startup, which seeks to expand small farms to commercial sizes, was founded by Adewale Oparinde, a Nigerian trained in Cambridge University, Zumalo reports.

He tends to achieve that through the economic principle of microlending and creating a situation or a pool where there is an easy access to farm produce buyers all around the world.

With its $1 million seed fund, the startup will create a marketplace that works hand-in-hand with digital technology in resolving agro-business challenges in on the continent.

No wonder therefore, EZFarming is the only Nigerian startup picked for the accelerator programme. Adewale Oparinde and some participants of the 500 programme.

Oparinde said that the programme would provide the company the opportunity to improve on operational strategies in agriculture around the world during the 4-month duration.

“We will continue to work with farmers to scale their farms to commercial sizes.

We are confident that our time in this 4-month programme will sharpen our ability to stretch the limits and deliver more results to our various stakeholders,” he said.

The programme will be providing $150,000 fund, training and mentoring in a very competitive process. The organisation has worked with more than 2,000 startups since it began and supported 10 high-profile companies like Canva and Udemy.

Oparinde grew up in Ede in Osun state, one of the states in the southwestern part of Nigeria. He studied Zoology for his first degree at the University of Ilorin.




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