History And Culture Igbuku Kingdom Isoko

History of the igbuku kingdom of Ndokwa east L. G. A of delta state. Nigeria. Of isoko. Igbuku town has a landscape of about more dan 40.8 km.
…… ……… #A Particular version# of history
History has it that igbuku kingdom is made up of descendants from isoko and kwale speaking communists. The founding fathers of the shoes of Ase River ( IGBUKU) are descendants from three brotherly community which are Ellu, Ovrode, and Aradhe founded igbuku town in their farming expenditures move towards a virgin land which was later named igbuku. It should be noted that igbuku is also referred to as ×××whogrusa×××which means a community founder by three brothers. This three group of brotherly isoko communities where mostly into palm fruit, they where planting “Banga” when they got to the vingin land which was later named igbuku. They first settled at a particular place close to the spot where the ” Utuosere ” dirty shrine is been house till date. History has it that the reason why they first camp there was because of the river. From that spot they also founder other body of water, lake, and natural pond and land such as… Oko, ofobo,okpulogwe, odacha, oshia, lyioji, opotopo, mabekri, mbadamba, Ashiakpi i & ii, onwoshi, ogodo, utuede, utuosere e. t. c… e. t.c Has they continue hunting and fishing and farming expeditions. Historically on a faithful day, they discover a particular spirit at the spot where utuosere deity shrine is been house. This spirit must have come from someplace far away maybe to guide them. After some days. Another faithful day some group of people where on a move from a village not too far from ukwuani they Sighted smoke in the air they also move towards the smoke in which they met igbuku people who had compassion on they because they had half phalamgeal. They live together. igbuku ask them to watch over the diety and in return gave them food because they had no hand to work. They live as one to the community develop…
Igbuku town is made up of descendants from isoko and kwale speaking communists who have intertwined in intermarriage… Igbuku is one if the last isoko town where the umahun masquerade is parading in isoko land… Oje festival is also celebrated.
Isoko language is the main means of communication, buy ukwuani names are common.
*igbuku main towns which have various quarters such as as.. e. g.. Ogbeomoku, ogbesaba, obikuele, obikuele, uriede, ogbeuko, umia egala
*some community In igbuku clen are e. g.. Ovara, oko, oka, ughelli, edoni, asabä, ogbe, ogbelogbo
*igbuku share a common boundary with. Ofagbe, Ovrode, Iberde, Aboh, Beneku, and Ashaka


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