How to Start your first digital marketing Company in 2018

Define your services. Digital marketing is a really extensive field. There is a reason it is, as you want to connect a lot of different pieces, but as a starting digital agency, it’s better to find a niche than taking on the whole picture. Most great agencies started with a specific area and expanded as they grew.

Find your audience. More so, find out about them. Who needs your services, what are their primary and secondary needs. How do you help them?

Figure out your pricing. Hourly vs. Package vs. Custom quote
There are a few discussions running for each, I’m not going to give my mind, just that you take a deep breath and think it through.

A really important part of the service is handling clients. Most clients don’t know marketing in extent. They won’t understand what’s important, what’s not and what expectations are realistic. That said, you’ll need to know how to handle the clients, so you can focus on providing a quality service. I’m not sure how to give a good advice here, but it’s good to think about it. A lot of agencies I know have issues with scaling just because of it.

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Plan out how to do client acquisition. And how you’re going to market your agency, most don’t do it properly as they’re busy with doing marketing for their clients.

Additional two cents – track time on tasks. You don’t have to be too thorough, but it’s good to know where you’re investing time and how it’s paying off. There may be a lot of time invested in tasks which aren’t providing direct revenue, so it’s good to know how much. You don’t have to stress about too much time going into something, as that might produce a stressful environment. But the info will be valuable for a longer period of time when you stop to check your tracks and see what’s happening.
Good luck!

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