How To Tackle Overspending This Christmas

We like to celebrate our successes around Christmas and pat ourselves on the back for another year of hustling hard. This usually makes us spend more money that we should.

How much do you usually spend during Christmas? You can reduce your Christmas spending with these tips:

Make a Christmas budget

Are you surprised? We honestly can’t tell you to lock yourself indoors so you don’t go anywhere or see anyone, so this is the way to save money during Christmas – by making sure you don’t cross your spending limit. Only a few people budget their money around Christmas, and that’s why many people complain in January. December and January are just regular months of the year like the other 10. How you manage your money is what counts.

Don’t overspend on gifts

Are you the rare Nigerian who gives out Christmas gifts? Make sure your budget covers the gifts you will give out and be determined to NOT overspend. Go on, tell yourself that you will not overspend. Good.

Start shopping early

You know how expensive things get around Christmas. This happens every year, without fail. Make your budget, put your money together and go shopping already. It is super annoying when you have to buy things at Christmas and you know that you’re paying a lot more than you should. Really, really annoying.

Use discount offers

A lot of brands and e-commerce sites are currently running promotions and are offering discounts. Don’t waste this opportunity! This is another reason you should start shopping ASAP! Lots of clothing stores also offer clearance sales around this season. This is a great way to reduce your Christmas spending.

Visit people instead

You spend less when you visit people than when you’re the host. Facts or facts? If you have to host a party, make it a potluck party. It’s a little unusual around Christmas, but who cares, really?

The Christmas holidays can be a fun time, but you can still reduce your Christmas spending by avoiding frivolities and (for goodness sake!) stop trying to keep up with the Joneses! It’s Christmas, not a competition. Have the best Christmas, guys! The envelope method will help you stick to your Christmas budget.



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