How Transparency with cell Phones compliments your relationship and makes it healthy

Do you want privacy or transparency with cell phones?

Everyone wants to hold onto a bit of mystery in their relationship. But, is that mystery and privacy worth a lack of honesty? Being transparent with your partner is a vital part of a healthy and honest relationship.

With 100% honesty, cell phone rules wouldn’t be necessary, but with all the ways a person can cheat and keep secrets with their cell phones, setting some rules can lead you in the right direction.

You may not want your partner to see that your most recent Google search was for ‘where to get the best deal on a Snuggie,’ but that is better than them thinking you’re cheating. If you have nothing to hide, enacting cell phone rules shouldn’t cause any problem at all.

But, if you have something to hide, like the fact that you are texting other people romantically or still have risqué photos of an ex, you may want to check your behavior. Keeping secrets, no matter how insignificant you might think they are, can doom a couple from the start. 

So, having a talk with your significant other about the right cell phone rules to follow can help you avoid future fights and possible questions down the road.

Why do you need cell phone rules?

It would be so wonderful if your boo’s phone was ringing. You could just pick it up without wanting to glance at the Caller ID. It would be great if your partner showed you a photo on their phone, and you didn’t have the urge to swipe further. It would be superb if you didn’t wonder who they were texting.

It is human nature to be a little bit suspicious. But when a little snooping becomes obsession and paranoia, cell phone rules come in handy.

The same goes for anyone super protective of their privacy. If you are defensive when your partner asks you about who is calling or texting you, it is probably because you have something to hide. If you grab your phone out of their hand immediately, you may need more than cell phone rules.

Trust issues can be deeply rooted. But, if you have ever discovered an ex was cheating by something on their phone, having cell phone rules can help you moving forward.

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