Igbo model celebrity announce her new relationship status on Instagram

Immediately I saw her face, I didn’t even care to look the name; I just know she is Igbo. Umu Igbo, ndi chineke kepuru iche. (Translation: Igbo is uniquely created by God)

Congratulations to our Igbo model celebrity, “Chidinma Leilani Aaron” (miss Nigeria 2018) took to Instagram to announce her new relationship status as “Engaged”.

On a post on Instagram she wrote:

“I said “Yes!” to my soulmate.
It’s amazing to see what God does when we put our trust in Him. Now I understand the meaning of “better half” – One half of two whole people who come together to form a unit.

Every line I wrote concerning who I will love to spend my life with manifests through my fiancé. Him taking a knee elevated our relationship. Ours has been deep and truly unique. God sees our hearts. He fills us up with wisdom on how to be love and grow in our purpose. I would rest easy knowing that he is my husband (to be �). He is the father I would love our children to have. He compliments me. I am grateful we chose to do life with each other.

This is divine. Indeed, God is good.
Thank you life!

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