IPOB Brought Falsehood Into Biafran Struggle – Uwazurike

In this exclusive interview, the Founder and leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, Chief Ralph Uwazurike, tells CHUKWUDI AKASIKE about the Biafran struggle, why an Igbo man may not become Nigeria’s president and the herdsmen crisis, among other issues

MASSOB has been agitating for a sovereign state of Biafra for a long time. Do you still believe that you can realise it?

Why not? MASSOB is even more realisable now, especially with the way things are going. Remember when we were in Aburi, and Ojukwu was talking about Biafra, nobody believed it. The things he said in those days, which people jettisoned and criticised him for, are the same things that people are clamouring for today. So also is my agitation for Biafra. In 1999 when I started the struggle, people criticised me, called me names. But today, the same people, who criticised and called me names, are repeating all the things I said. Just take a look at what is happening; the people who fought against Biafra are now regretting fighting against us. I am talking about the Middle Belt people. They (Middle Belt people) fought the war against Biafra and not the Fulani. The Fulani have no strength; they are not strong enough to fight. Till tomorrow, no Fulani man can fight; they only used the Middle Belt people. Today, the Middle Belt people are being killed by the same Fulani people who sponsored them to kill us. Now, they are regretting it. So, Biafra becomes more feasible because the truth begins to emerge every other day because Nigeria is led with lies and falsehood and people are beginning to realise their folly and are accepting the reality of time.

While you are saying that every region should go its separate ways, we still have some calling for national unity. How do you reconcile this?

Those who are calling for unity are politicians. They are the ones who are benefitting from the system. For instance, Nigeria used to be North, West and East. It was the Igbo that brought about the idea of the six geopolitical zones because of their selfish interest; they (Igbo) wanted to be President at that time. But the six geopolitical zones have rendered the Igbo a minority tribe in Nigeria. The Igbo lost relevance. It used to be three tribes before; Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. They brought in six geopolitical zones idea out of selfish interest.

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