What You Must-Know Before Buying Your Next Suit

Attention to detail is important when buying a suit. Unlike most other wears, a good looking suit is firstly determined by fit before any other factor.

Here are some of the basic things to look out for when buying a suit.

The Shoulders 

The shoulders should lie flat and not protrude and the seam of the shoulders should end at the edge of your shoulders.

The Length of the Jacket 

The ideal place for the back of your jacket to end is the middle of your buttocks, anything below or after that would be ill-fitting.

The Length of the Sleeve 

This should never fall any lower than the base of your thumb. In fact, it should ideally show about half an inch of the shirt beyond the jacket cuff.

The Closure 

The jacket should button-up without gripping the buttons or being too loose.

The Trouser Break 

This is the place where your trouser length ends. It should stop half an inch above your ankle so to slightly graze your shoes. It should not be shorter or longer.

The Lining

It is important to ensure that your suit lining is not too contrasted with the colour of your suit. Stick to linings with similar colours and slightly contrasted shade. It makes the whole outfit give an air of matured style.



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