My Love for Nigerian Men – Nollywood Ella Mensah

A few days ago, Ghanaian Nollywood actress, Ella Mensah set tongues wagging when she marked her birthday with a new set of raunchy photos.

When Inside Nollywood asked why she did that, Mensah said there’s nothing wrong with the pictures, that she was just expressing herself and the beauty that God has blessed her with.

Ella Mensah, who can be described as a successful woman, has been traveling the world and having fun aside working.

And for her birthday, she hopes to have a surprise gift of a G-Wagon. “I have always wanted a car as a  birthday gift but I’m yet to get that. I still hope for someone to buy me my dream car, a G-Wagon. But I have gotten so many things from a lot of good people,” she noted.
Revealing what she likes about Nigerian men, the well-endowed movie star, said:

“A Nigerian man to me is like any other man. They are good and bad at the same time but it all depends on the number you are on his priority list. But they are generally good people. I love them all.”


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