My Wife is Three Months Pregnant for Another Man. please help!!!

My Wife is Three Months Pregnant for Another Man: I am a young man of 35 years and have dated a lady for 3years, we never had sex because she said she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. I actually understood her cos I am also a Christian and I love her so much we eventually got married as planned.

I bought a car for her and her mother cos of the love I have for her. After our wedding, I now had the chance to have sex with her for the first time her inside was loose in fact I didn’t expect that but didn’t say anything. We traveled to Kumasi(Ghana) for our honeymoon.
During our honeymoon it was still like that I eventually asked her n she said it was normal I kept quiet. Two weeks later, she started vomiting. We went to the hospital for malaria test it was negative.
The doctor suggested for pregnancy test she refused but later accepted to do the test. It was discovered that she was 3months pregnant for another man before we got married.
Now, this my problem I don’t know whether to divorce her or keep her sake of love.
Please I need help!

My Wife is Three Months Pregnant for Another Man

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