Nigerian World of Snakes and Rodents on Rampage

By Apollos Nwauwa

When the story about a big snake swallowing N36 million at JAMB office in Benue State broke and went viral in several news media, many thought it was a huge joke. When the story of the menacing rats in Aso Rock trended, a lot of people dismissed it as a hoax. We have been saying this for a while that Nigerian beasts/animals have become quite upset with the state of affairs in the country. They are deeply troubled that Nigerians can’t get their acts together! Thus, they have decided not only to revolt but to also play their part in financial and other crimes that have gone out of control under their noses. It is naive for Nigerians to continue to assume that these snakes and rodents are mysterious. They are not. Instead, they are dare-devils creatures that have resolved to do extra-ordinary things. Doubting Thomases are still not getting it. These animals have learned how to mimic Nigerian leaders in their crooked ways. Now watch this rat…and tell me that the end is not near!

Grand Market Square, Our Village in Cyberspace!


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