Osu Outcast System To Be Abolished In Eastern Nigeria…

Major traditional rulers from the South-East have set December 28, 2018 to abolish the controversial Osu caste system in the region.

In the Igbo tradition, the Osu are said to be dedicated to deities (Alusi) while the Ohu are said to be slaves by birth.

According to a statement on punch the event marking the abolition of the Osu caste system in Igbo land would take place at the Nri Palace in Anambra State.

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The statement quoted the Regent of the ancient Nri Kingdom, Prince Ikenna Onyesoh, as saying it would be “spiritually suicidal” for anyone to continue with the obnoxious Osu practice after it had been abolished

He said, “Come December 28, 2018, more stringent spiritual implications will be pronounced from Ikpo Eze-Nri against such devaluation of mankind, after an extensive spiritual abrogation exercise.”

The statement also quoted the Eri traditional rulers as saying that they were set for the abolition.

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