Prophet Ekong Ituen Predicts Winner Of 2019 Election “Obansanjo May Go Back To Jail Before He Dies” –

The spiritual leader of Christ Deliverance Ministries in Lagos, Prophet Ekong Ituen, had predicted many national events with accuracy. In his latest revelations, he reeled out shocking prophecies for 2019.

Prophet Ekong Ituen – Do you have any prediction concerning the 2019 presidential election?
Has God shown you a winner? Let me start by telling Nigerians that election results will spring surprises, but in my revelation, it has been established that President Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressive Congress (APC) will win the election. You may not like him but that is the truth, I, therefore, urge the religious leaders in the country to refrain themselves from making inflammatory utterances that promote conflicts and disunity because God gives power to whoever He pleases. The politicians should not consider politics as a do-or-die affair because whatever anyone becomes in life is exclusively in the hands of God. I urge them not to overheat the polity on account of their desperation to get elected.

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You said Buhari will win the polls, do you have any inclination about what his second term portends?
The second coming of President Buhari on the platform of APC will be traumatic for looters, as he is going to be ruthless in fighting corruption. He will also revisit the issue of power infrastructure because of the inefficiency in that sector that has hindered the expected economic growth. Furthermore, I foresee heads rolling in the power sector, as Buhari will look into the fraudulent way privatization process was carried out, some licenses might be revoked. In furtherance to my earlier prediction, former President Olusegun Obasanjo should be prayerful, he may go back to jail before he dies.

Your predictions seem to favor the incumbent. Do you belong to any political party?
Prophet Ekong Ituen – No, absolutely not, I am very neutral and a spiritual father to all. I am a messenger who conveys a message from God to humanity and nations. A true prophet should not be seen as being partisan. I advise our leaders to see prophecy as a warning and a clue to the plan of God, which can be prevented if the right steps are taken. Prophecy should not be seen as hatred or criticism but as part of intelligence reports because even in the bible God used Prophets to warn leaders of impending crises and defeat. Prophet Ekong Ituen

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But some people have accused you of working for Senator Godswill Akpabio. Is that a fact?
Let me answer this question without fear of controversy and to the best of my knowledge, that Senator Godswill Akapbio is a natural giver, an ardent advocate to the poor. I am impressed by the veracity of his generosity. It must be noted, that one of the cardinal attributes of our Lord Jesus Christ is love, which Senator Akpabio has demonstrated. It is my prayer that others should emulate him because God takes pleasure on those who practice love and kindness. Prophet Ekong Ituen


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