‘Rachel Johnson’ Female Journalist Goes Completely Topless On Live TV Show D

Female Journalist Goes Completely Topless On Live TV Show During Brexit Discussion (Watch Video)
A female television host and journalist, Rachel Johnson became an instant internet sensation after she did the unexpected, removing her blouses and exposing her br3asts during a live show on Sky News.
The TV host who is the sister of Conservative MP Boris Johnson was on news show The Pledge when she brought up Cambridge academic Dr Victoria Bateman, who campaigns for the UK to stay in the EU while completely Unclad, report’s Metro UK.

Starting the show in a silk blouse, the journalist said: ‘As I know it can be hard to get your voice heard about Brexit nowadays.

‘It feels like we’ve hit saturation point. Enter pro-EU campaigner Victoria Batemen who’s come up with a striking way this week to get herself noticed.

Female Journalist Goes Completely Topless
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