See the Important 5 Safety Essentials Every Woman Should Have In Her Bag

Being a woman in this part of the world is not easy at all.  Our society doesn’t seem to provide for the safety of women, so it falls to us to take care of ourselves.

With the increase in sex-related crimes, and gender-based violence, every woman should have these safety essentials in her purse:

1. Flashlight

Yes, your phone has a flashlight, but what if your phone gets stolen? If you happen to feel threatened when you’re alone in a quiet or deserted street, a small flashlight can be handy in helping you catch people’s attention so you can get help. You can also use a security flashlight to temporarily blind an attacker so you can have time to escape.

2. Pepper spray

Pepper spray is an aerosol spray which contains oils derived from cayenne pepper. It can be used to disable attackers because it irritates the eyes and respiratory passages. It’s portable so you can put it in your bag and take it everywhere with you.

Safety essentials

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3. Razor blades

Nope, these are not to fix the arch of your brows. Having a few razors in your purse can help you escape some unwanted attention or even save you from getting mugged. Blades are small, but they’re sharp, and even full-grown men are wary of sharp objects.

4. Personal alarm

Setting off this device will attract people’s attention and likely scare off an attacker. Make sure you get the loudest one you can find. It’s also an added advantage if it has bright lights.

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5. Stun gun

Stun guns (or tasers) send high voltage electric shocks that can disable (but not kill) an attacker, allowing you to make your escape. There’s a lot of controversy around stun guns and whether they should be classified as firearms, but they aren’t directly mentioned in the Firearms Act. If you’re not sure about stun guns, you can stick to the other safety essentials.

Safety essentials

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Along with these safety essentials, you should also have a small stash of cash and your personal identification in your purse, just in case. Be safe sisters.

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