Signs Your Relationship Expectations Are Unrealistic

When you have unrealistic relationship expectations, it means you’ll have difficulty finding someone that will fulfill them.

1. You’re basing your expectations on a fantasy

Movie and novel characters are not where you should get your couple goals from. These are fictional. If your expectations are based just on that, and there’s no actual person that you know, or have heard of that embody these things, you may be living in a fantasy world. Remember, humans are flawed. The goal is not to search for perfection (this is impossible). The goal is to find someone you’re compatible with.

2. You don’t meet those expectations yourself

You have unrealistic relationship expectations if even you do not have these traits you’re looking to find in someone else. It’s a bit hypocritical to look for honesty, respect, and kindness when these do not describe you. So, while this guy may be out there, chances are, he will not consider you a suitable mate.

3. Your expectations are contradictory

You say you want an ambitious man. But you also want someone who devotes a 100 percent of his time to you. Realistically, you cannot get both. Ambitious men and women are usually unable to give 100 percent to both their ambitions and their love life.

4. The traits you’re looking for are incompatible with who you are

It sounds fun and interesting to say you’re looking for an adventurous and outdoor-loving guy. But if you’re an introvert at heart, you won’t be able to keep up with him and this may lead to problems. Especially when he starts going out without you. Make sure you’re true to who you are when looking out for who you want to be with.

When you have unrealistic relationship expectations, you’ll either have problems finding the ideal partner, or dating and breaking up with far too many guys.


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