Simple ways Igbo Men Make Money in Igboland

Igbo men do one or, a combination of two or more of the following to make money in the South-East:

  1. Some Igbo men inherit money or marry into it. That’s for the lucky ones.
  2. Some obtain it illegally, either through theft or fraud, both of which are risky as well as unethical.
  3. Others Invest and earn dividends on shares and stock, but this method is profitable only when they have acquired the right financial skills, some good consultants advising them, and plenty of patience..
  4. Some other Igbo men work for other people. (PS: Our investigations show that this method hasn’t made any Igbo man rich in money beyond seven million naira.)
  5. While the super wealthy ones are those that go into business for themselves. Going into business hasn’t made every Igbo man rich, but many who know the right rules have made it big and touched money in billions. We don’t have to start mentioning names here.

The basic rule of wealth these super wealthy Igbo men respect is:

You must be in business for yourself.

Igbo men who have amassed wealth through their own businesses have always understood these rules. But there is more to the point than meets the eye…

For now, just remember that going into business won’t automatically make every Igbo man rich, but it is the fastest way for Igbos to become rich, if we get it right!

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