Technology; The solution to Aba’s branding problem (4kreport)

For a minute, forget everything you know or ever heard about Aba, the commercial capital of Abia State. open your mind just like I did when I was at Innovation growth hub where teams of individuals try to come up with ideas and create companies out of them within 54 hours.

I was invited by Daniel Chinagozi, founder of innovation growth hub and convener of startup weekend Aba for this year’s edition to do one job; to listen. obviously, if you were invited to listen to someone its expected of you to observe and take notes. Here’s my note.

Two days gone already. it’s the third day, the D-day, each team are to present their ideas that could change the world to a panel that has a software engineer, a journalist and two hub owners to judge who’s ideas made the more sense and deserve the highest points…Read More


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