The worst compliments for girls

The worst compliments for girls

Yes, yes, we will get to the best compliments for girls. First, I wanted to just throw out some of the worst compliments. These may seem like a good idea, but when you actually break them down, they are far from compliments.

So, please avoid these “compliments,” if you can even really call them that.

#1 The extra compliment. Sure, everyone loves a compliment. Do not overdo it. This just comes across as desperate. If you see a girl at the bar and want to compliment her, say something like, “you are just so stunning I had to come over and introduce myself.” But end it there.

If you start talking and she says she is an entrepreneur, you can compliment her on her dedication. Do not tell her she is beautiful and then tell her she looks great in black, has amazing hair, and perfect eyes. Take it easy.

#2 The inappropriate compliment. “I’m not usually into blondes.” Just no. Saying you are not usually into tall girls, brunettes, or God forbid you to mention her race in your “compliment” is a compliment no-go.

You might think you are making her feel like she stands out. Really you are just being an awful human being.

#3 The backhanded compliment. “You’re pretty for being so tall.” “All that makeup is hiding how pretty you are.” If your compliment has a but in it, it is not a compliment. 

#4 The sexist compliment. “You’re so different from other girls.” What the f*ck is wrong with other girls? “You’re funny for a pretty girl.” What does that even mean? Speaking to a girl as if she hates other women, how you clearly do is just not okay. 

#5 The uninformed compliment. This is one that creeps me out personally. Sure, if a guy comes up to me and says I’m pretty, that is all fine and well. If a guy on a dating app says he loves my second photo, wonderful.

But if a guy reads my dating profile and looks at my five pictures and then continues to tell me how fun I am, how sweet I am, and how we would be great together, I question not only how genuine *fake* he is, but also what are his motives? Do not compliment a girl on something you don’t know anything about.

The worst compliments for girls

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