Who Is The Most Loved And Most Popular Nigeria Senator On Social Media in 2018?

We all know that we have a good number of senators who play along and flow with the youths online by tweeting or going to Instagram to say one, two or even many things about the country and about the youths. These sectors roll with the youths and the youths can relate well with them. While some of them are not really on social media, but their actions and inactions make social media want to go gaga.

I will only mention a few of them (in no order) but you can all say who you feel is the most loved and most popular on social media be it on Nairaland, facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.
I will start with:

1. Sen. Dino Malaye: Many people love this man because he is a brave man and just like Jim Iyke, he says it to your face and doesn’t pretend very practical… The man got a lot of SWAG! He is on social media and he likes relating with the youths by showing them that “I am a senator doesn’t mean I don’t know whatsup!” He is a smart man even in his jokes, he is still tactical and strategic in his doings.
I believe he should be at the forefront of helping Nollywood go farther than they are today because, I believe he has what it takes to make the Nigerian movie industry boom by helping them connect with the National Assembly and other foreign links. Sen. Dino is a great man!
It might also interest you to know that Sen. Dino is a seasoned musician too, who the young and old can always relate with… If you know you know! Lol!

2. Sen. Ben Bruce: This man is an intellectual. Like him or hate him. He is popularly known as “The Twitter Senator!” Just like the Great President of the United States, Donald Trump, he says what’s on his mind on twitter to tell everyone how he really feels about something and everything.
Sen. Bruce who is also called “Senator Common Sense” which he usually adds at the end of his posts on twitter or speeches in his Silverbird TV is a man who wants people to reason with their common sense. I also believe he can really do more in rendering help to the Nigerian movie and music industry. He is equally a great man.

3. Sen Shehu Sani: This senator is also a friend to the youths on twitter just like Sen. Bruce. He also likes to straighten some issues up on twitter whether people like his option or not, he makes sense not withstanding. He is also popular and loved.

4. Senate President, Bukola Saraki: I love this man for so many reasons. He doesn’t talk too much but he is very objective and strategic. some people will say, he knows when to shoot without missing. SP. Saraki is on social media and will always talk about his day to day activities on instagram with pictures. He may have handlers who handle his social media accounts but they are really doing a nice job I must confess. He may not be that popular on instagram, but he is indeed loved by many youths off and on social media. He is a great man!

5. Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe: This Senator and a confirm “Nwa Aba” is a force that no one can play with. Very soft spoken but highly intelligent, tactical, smart and he knows his onion. I categorize him in the ranks of SP. Bukola Saraki. He might not be popular for posting opinions online (social media) but he indeed is a wonderful man loved by so many people for his guts and courage. He says it the way it is without mincing words and all these character puts him in this list of the most popular and most lived senators on social media. He is indeed a great man!

6. Sen. Rubai Kwankwaso: If you are in Kano or the northern part of Nigeria and you to don’t know of the “Kwankwasiyya Movement” then you may not actually be in northern Nigerian. This distinguished senator may not have popular social media handles but he is almost like a demi god to a lot of northerners and hence this brings him to the ranks of most loved and most popular on “social media”.

7. Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu: This Distinguished Senator is a brave man and an intellectual just like Sen. Abaribe. He is a man full of tact. Many people are of the view and opinion that his supportiveness, intellectual prowess and “never snitch your boss” lifestyle has really helped SP. Saraki in a lot of ways because it’s well known that right from the days of his former boss, former SP. David Mark, DSP. Ike Ekweremadu has never been seen snitching. He is a very popular senator and is loved by many both in Nigeria and abroad. DSP . Ekweremadu is very smart. He doesn’t talk too much, he only talks when it’s necessary and important. He owns no popular social media platform but his popularity offline automatically adds him to this list because most of the time, he is the talk of the town.

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8. Sen. Godswill Akpabio: This former governor of Akwa Ibom state is a man who when you see him (enter) in an event in Akwa Ibom State or anywhere you might not know when you will start jumping up to hail him not because you need his money but because of his charisma. He is a funny man too. He is popular and loved offline and his popularity offline consciously and unconsciously brought him to prominence on social media. He is definitely in this group although he has no well pronounced social media account (if any).

9. Sen. Stella Oduah: This woman is a big woman. The fact that she can inhale and exhale without stress in the midst of all the big men senators in the Red Chambers, shows that she is a big force. The statement “… do the needful!” (I think) came into prominence from this distinguished senator. She is one of the women senators who are popular and loved on social media.

10. Sen. Remi Tinubu: This woman is a force that can’t just be pushed under the carpet. She is very popular and just like her counterpart Sen. Stella Oduah, she has a lot of guts. Argue with your keypad. Lol!
She may not have a popular social media account, but regardless, she is popular and she gives a lot of women guts and courage directly and indirectly just like Sen. Oduah.

11. Sen. Samuel Anyanwu: Much haven’t been heard about him of recent, but this man is also loved by many. “Sam Daddy” as he is popularly called is a man who you see and just start asking yourself “what is this man made of?” He is a man whose full potentials is yet to be unraveled. He is also loved by many.

So you are free to state who you feel is the most loved and most popular on social media. In case you didn’t see the name of the senator you believe should win this, you are free to add yours using the comment box below.

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