Why Are ICAN Staff So Slow And Unprofessional?

I am sure alot of us have experienced delays/sluggishness from ICAN’s operations staff at some point and it is becoming overwhelming. This is not the first time this has happened. What makes matters worse is that they seldom respond to your queries, leaving you in dilemma on what steps to take especially if you are resident outside lagos.

Recently, I paid my dues online using the webpay platform on 25th of October, using my atm card details but my online profile was not updated to reflect the changes and sadly, deadline of 31st october is fast approaching. I have emailed, called and texted them but they are not responding. I only got an email from a representative who did not seem to understand my query properly. I mentioned that I paid online but he/she still asked me to scan evidence? All efforts to reach back has been unsuccessful as they don’t pick calls, reply emails or sms. Pls what should I do? I am currently out of Lagos but will be back in 3 days time.


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