Why Is There A Senseless Fear And Dislike For Guys With Dreadlocks


Friends, I have been searching for reasons why most Nigerians have a phobia and dislike for boys and men with dreadlocks and I can’t find any credible reason.

Their reasons are senseless and baseless, most Nigerians tend to vilify boys and men with dreadlocks because for some people, dreads hairstyle doers can be very terrifying and they are adjudged to be criminals which is not always true.

In this part, I think it is a crime for a man to pursue happiness… Nigerians have failed to take into consideration the dynamism in fashion because I wondered why the dread hairstyles were not present in the days of our fathers but the Afro hairstyle was appreciated and considered responsible during that era.

Our ethical compass as a nation has been destroyed because in recent times we have seen people under the guise of sheep and heavenly clothing commit grievous crimes.

Nigerian Parents who have lost their youths should allow the current youth to live theirs. fashion is dynamic and dreads are natural and beautiful… In fact, dreads are African like, because they defined our appearance and blackness during ancient times as they added to our aesthetic value.

let us begin to accept people with dreadlocks and see them as civil and normal citizens.. stop the stereotyping…  cc. africandictator
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