You Can Wear White On Your Period Without Getting Stained, Here’s How

Some of us have had reasons to wear white while on our period. Whether for a themed outing or a function and we can testify to how paranoid it can make us. If you don’t know how to wear white on your period, you’ll either get stained or think you’re stained.

This is how to wear white on your period without getting stained

Avoid pads

It’s always better to stay off pads if you’re going to wear white while on your period. Pads can get leaky and don’t hold in as much blood as tampons or period cups. If you have to wear pads, wear the ones with wings.

Wear tampons or use cups

Tampons and vaginal cups hold in more blood than pads and have a lower chance of leaking. If you want to be on the safe side, use a panty liner. Vaginal cups are even better because they can be reused.

Have backup

As effective as all the other methods are, sometimes you just have to be extra sure. So have backup pads, tampons, and extra panty liners just in case.

Wear spandex over your panties

Spandex can help hold your pad in place and can make you feel secure that it won’t come off. Pads are also less likely to show through your pants if you wear a spandex over it.

Wear period panties

Period panties aren’t very common, but they are very effective because they hold more blood. They can hold up to two times more blood than a vaginal cup. It might seem odd at first, but you’ll get used to it over time.


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